3rd Special Operations Group, Wide Range Communications Platoon
S2 14 WW Platoon
The platoon conducting exercises in Episode 14.
Type Special forces unit
Origin United States
Affiliations U.S. Army
Notable members Hex
Manga debut Chapter 38
Anime debut Episode 14

The 3rd Special Operations Group, Wide Range Communications Platoon (第3特殊部隊グループ広域無線小隊 Dai 3 Tokushu Butai Gurūpu Kōiki Musen Shōtai?), also known as the WW Platoon (WW小隊 WW Shōtai?), was an experimental all-female special forces unit of the U. S. Army. Hex was its only named member.


The platoon was an attempt by the U. S. Army to create an all-female special forces unit and its existence was kept secret. Hex was recruited for it after graduating from the United States Military Academy and successfully passed the grueling training regimen. The unit faced political opposition, however. It was officially disbanded due to its high washout rate but the actual reason is believed to be the resistance from members of the top brass who opposed having women in special forces units. The platoon's members were offered promotions in exchange for their silence but Hex chose to resign from the army, after which she was recruited by the CIA.


In the anime, the platoon was equipped with M16A2s. They wore dark, solid coloured fatigues in training and camouflage fatigues in exercises.

Anime and manga differenceEdit

The anime adds more scenes of the platoon in training and Hex meeting with a four-star general in his office.