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Amalia Torohovsky
S2 20 Amalia.jpg
Amalia Torohovsky in Episode 20.
Status Alive
Origin France
Affiliations Euro Group
Occupation Arms dealer
Actress (former)
Relatives Unnamed husband
Manga debut Chapter 21
Anime debut Episode 8
Japanese voice Gara Takashima
English voice Lydia Mackay

Amalia Torohovsky (アマーリア・トロホブスキー Amāria Torohobusukī?) is a former actress turned arms dealer. Although the antagonist of the Mondo Grosso Arc, after she reached an arrangement with Koko Hekmatyar she afterwards begins to conduct business with her.


Amalia is a middle aged woman with chin length medium coloured hair with part of her fringe falling across her face and has medium coloured eyes. She typically wears long sleeved medium coloured blouses with straight collars and long pants. In the anime she has medium coloured hair and blue eyes.


Amalia is a capable arms dealer in her own right, but is not as ruthless as her fellow arms dealers. She was quick to realise that coming to terms with Koko Hekmatyar would be more beneficial than working against her after the latter demonstrated how vicious she could be.


Despite her initial rivalry with Koko, when Amalia realised that she had been completely outmaneuvered and defeated, she turned around and was the one to propose cooperating instead of competing. After Koko agreed to sell her back the EAE stock that her shell corporation had bought, the two started to do business together. Amalia generally treats Koko as a younger sister, calling her "Koko-chan", and acts very friendly and open towards her, although the latter is more restrained.

Amalia has close ties with Dassault and her sole assistant is an unnamed consultant from Dassault who also acts as her chauffeur and bodyguard. He largely plays a support role and tends to stay in the background when Amalia is conducting business. Amalia is also on good terms with the DGSE, which helped her out by forcing George Black to back off on his investigation of her in Rome.


Unlike Koko, Amalia lacks practical, real world experience with the weapons that she sells but compensates for this deficiency by using her personal charisma and skills as an actress and has been very successful with this approach. She can also think, plan, and execute strategically.


A former stage and film actress, Amalia married a wealthy older man. Although the marriage did not last long due to his death, Amalia gained control of his fortune and afterwards became an arms dealer. Her company, the Euro Group, focuses on the upper end of the arms trade, in particular UAVs. Her arms deals are not as dangerous, necessitating the use of only a single bodyguard.


Mondo Grosso Arc[]

Dance with Undershaft Arc[]

Serpent Looking Up to the Heavens Arc[]

New World Arc[]


  • Amalia placed 26th in a character poll conducted by Sunday GX which ran from June through September 2012.[1]