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Artist Nagi Yanagi
Label Geneon Universal Entertainment
Catalog no. GNCA-0240
Length 4:39
Episodes Season 1 (except for Episode 4)

"Ambivalentidea" is Nagi Yanagi's second single and is the ending theme song for Season 1 except for Episode 4, where it is replaced by "Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana", also sung by Yanagi. It was released on June 6, 2012.[1] The single also includes "Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana" and "halo effect" and instrumental versions of all three songs.

The title is a portmanteau of the words "ambivalent" and "idea".

Track list[]

  1. Ambivalentidea
  2. Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana
  3. halo effect
  4. Ambivalentidea (instrumental)
  5. Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana (instrumental)
  6. halo effect (instrumental)

Ending animation[]

The ending animation is a still image of a spent cartridge on the ground featuring at least two characters with a flickering fire on the right side. The scene starts out in colour but eventually transitions to black and white. The following characters are featured during the ending:

Characters Episode (s)
Jonah and Koko Hekmatyar 1, 2, 7, 12
Valmet and Lehm 3, 9, 11
Chinatsu and Shisho 4
Chiquita and Kasper Hekmatyar 5
Tojo, Wiley, Mao, R, Ugo, Lutz 6, 8, 10


Opening animation[]


Music video[]


Ambivalentidea 45 second PV

45 second version


Ambivalentidea 90 second PV

90 second version

The music video features artwork by Yoshitsugi Yoshida focusing on the outline of a female figure around which various scenes play out. A 45 second version was posted to Youtube on May 15 followed by a 90 second version on June 5. A full length version has not been released.


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