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The anime version of Jormungand was animated by White Fox and produced by Geneon. Season 1, which adapts the first six volumes of the manga, consists of 12 episodes. It aired from April 10 through June 26, 2012 and was first announced in Volume 10.[1] Season 2 consists of a further 12 episodes numbered sequentially to follow Season 1 and adapts the following five volumes. It was announced in March 2012 and began airing in October.[2] Originally set to begin on October 2, it was pushed back a week to October 9 and given the title Perfect Order. The final episode aired on December 25.

The first media adaptation of the manga is actually Drama CD Musica Ex Machina, an audio drama CD of the Musica Ex Machina Arc that was released more than a year earlier in February 2011.[3] While the anime closely follows the manga it is more vague with locations and product branding in addition to making content changes. It is set in 2012.[4]

The anime aired in Japan either late at night or after midnight on Tokyo MX, Television Kanagawa, KBS, AT-X, BS11, TV Aichi, and Sun Television. It could also be seen online on Showtime, Nico Nico Douga, Bandai Channel, and GyaO.[5]

Funimation Entertainment licensed both seasons[6] as well as the rights to home entertainment, mobile, and broadcast.[7] Season 1 was simulcast online beginning in April 2012. Viewing is restricted to those aged 17 or older.


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