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An arms dealer (武器商人 buki shōnin?) is an individual or organisation involved in the arms industry, specifically the arms trade in the context of the series. Koko Hekmatyar, the protagonist, is an arms dealer as is her brother Kasper, and the arms trade is also an area that their father's company, HCLI, is involved in. Various other characters and organisations are involved in the arms trade.



Led by Curry, CCAT is a small firm involved in the middle tier of the arms trade in Europe and Africa, selling man-portable arms such as the FIM-92 Stinger. They largely get along with Koko Hekmatyar as she normally sells higher end weapons systems.

Euro Group[]

The Euro Group is a French arms dealer led by Amalia Torohovsky specialising in the sale of UAVs. After an initial rivalry with Koko, Amalia admitted defeat and the two have since cooperated.


HCLI, headed by Floyd Hekmatyar, is a global shipping and logistics firm that is also involved in the arms trade. Floyd's children Koko and Kasper are active arms dealers, with the former operating in Europe and Africa while the latter handles Asia.

SR Unit[]

The SR Unit was a covert Japanese intelligence unit led by Yosuke Hinoki that became involved with arms dealing as a means of funding, eventually becoming self sufficient. They tried to prevent Kasper from expanding in Southeast Asia but were defeated with Koko's help.

Tashinhai Consu[]

The Tashinhai Consu is a Chinese multinational company involved with energy extraction in Africa while at the same time advancing arms exports and Chinese influence in the region. It was led by Chan Guoming until his death.