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Balkan Dragons
S1 09 Balkan Dragons patch.jpg
The Balkan Dragons patch in Episode 9.
Alternate names Baldra
Type Militia
Origin Serbia
Leader Dragan Nikolaevich
Manga debut Chapter 26
Anime debut Episode 9

The Balkan Dragons (バルカン・ドラゴン Barukan Doragon?), also known as Baldra (バルドラ Barudora?), are a militia based in Autonomous Region in Serbia. They are led by the internationally wanted criminal Dragan Nikolaevich.


The Dragons were founded by Dragan Nikolaevich and are responsible for ethnic cleansing in Autonomous Region. They are very influential in the territory, even among the Serbian military, and are almost a law unto themselves. Dragan, a career criminal, also used the Dragons to facilitate other crimes, although these were not specified.

Dragon Shooter Arc[]

Koko's Squad received an assignment to transport D-30 ammunition to Planina Airport in Somewhere in Serbia as well as ten doctors with the NGO Outspoken Doctors for Human Rights, who had to be brought in quietly without the knowledge of the local government. However the Dragons spotted the squad's Antonov An-12 flying into the region and also knew that the doctors would be aboard. Dragan was alerted and personally drove down to the airport, where he tried to intimidate Koko Hekmatyar into handing the doctors over. She refused to give in and Dragan resorted to violence against her contact at the airport, an air force captain. The situation became tenser when a truckload of reinforcement militia arrived and Dragan briefed them on the situation. He then had one of his men readya camcorder to record the doctors being exposed.

Leon Riviere, the head of the ODH team, tried to talk things over with Dragan to get Koko out of trouble. Dragan responded by shooting and injuring Leon twice, prompting Lehm to step in by knocking his pistol away. He quickly disabled and disarmed a militaman who tried to retaliate and when asked for orders, Koko had her squad attack the Dragons. This caught them by surprise and they were unable to mount an effective resistance, with Dragan getting shot by Mao when he attempted to shoot Koko. Dragan was able to flee with Leon as a hostage as Koko did not allow Jonah to shoot him.


The Balkan Dragons are based on Arkan's Tigers