Belt katana
S2 17 Belt katana
Kasper Hekmatyar examining the belt katana in Episode 17.
User Kurosaka
Manga debut Chapter 46
Anime debut Episode 17

The belt katana is a very flexible katana that can be concealed and worn as a belt. It was wielded by Kurosaka, who could make a blinding fast draw to attack a target, suggesting a modified form of iaido. As part of Plan KK, she met with Kasper Hekmatyar in Jakarta under the pretext of coming to terms over the Southeast Asia route and attempted to assassinate him. However the attempt was foiled by Chiquita, who blocked the attack and prevented Kurosaka from making a second attempt before shooting her. Kasper was stunned by the swiftness of the attack and briefly examined the katana he and his bodyguards withdrew.