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C. K. Kloshkin
S1 01 Kroshkin.jpg
C. K. Kloshkin in Episode 1.
Status Deceased
Occupation Arms dealer
Intelligence (former)
Manga debut Chapter 2
Anime debut Episode 1
Japanese voice Koji Ochiai

C. K. Kloshkin (C・K・クロシキン C. K. Kuroshikin?) was an Eastern European freelance arms dealer and briefly a rival of Koko Hekmatyar. He is the antagonist of the Gun Metal, Calico Road Arc.


Kloshkin was a middle aged man with dark hair, fair coloured eyes, and a slight mustache, but fuller beard worn in a goatee. He wore a dark suit, light coloured shirt, and light patterned tie. In the anime he has medium brown hair and wears a dark grey suit with a grey shirt and a red and yellow tie. He was a smoker.


Kloshkin was formerly in intelligence before becoming an arms dealer. He primarily operated in Europe.


Gun Metal, Calico Road Arc[]

After Koko Hekmatyar was able to secure a shipment of MiG-29 upgrades that had been held up in port, Kloshkin attempted to take advantage of the situation she had created by selling 15 disassembled Hind-Ds with spare parts to the air force. Koko was informed of this by HCLI HQ and decided to deal with Kloshkin. She had Tojo and Valmet negotiate with the Ministry of Defence to cancel the deal while she and Jonah, supported by Lehm, Ugo, Mao, and Lutz, handled Kloshkin.

Kloshkin anticipated that Koko would try to stop him and positioned a sniper team in an opposite building with a view of his office after he had moved in. Kloshkin greeted her and Jonah affably, regretting that his business cards were still packed away and offered Jonah a soda, amused that he was posing as Koko's little brother. Shortly after her arrival Koko received a call from Tojo and told him how to handle the air force colonel they were negotiating with. Kloshkin then asked her if she had any sympathy for a fellow arms dealer, to which she replied negatively, as she saw him as trying to take advantage of a situation she had set up, but it could cost him. In a rage, Kloshkin smashed a coffee pot over Koko's head but she stopped Jonah from shooting him. He then took Jonah's pistol and ejected all the bullets, revealing that he thought that Koko was worse than him for employing a child soldier as well as the presence of his snipers as backup.

Jonah executes Kloshkin.

After a bit Kloshkin told them they could leave as his deal had gone through, but Koko's response surprised him. As he was about to contact his snipers, she suggested that he go ahead. Instead Kloshkin got Lehm, as he and the others had taken care of Kloshkin's team. Koko let Kloshkin hear by phone that his contract had been cancelled by the air force just before she signalled, prompting Jonah to shoot him in the head.


  • Kloshkin placed 59th in a character poll conducted by Sunday GX which ran from June through September 2012.[1]