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CCAT patch.jpg
The CCAT logo.
Type Arms dealer
Leader Curry
Notable members Mildo
Manga debut Chapter 3
Anime debut Episode 2

Curry's Company Aerial Transport (CCAT) is a small corporation focusing on the middle tier of the arms trade. It is led by Curry and includes his bodyguards Mildo and Lu. At the end of the series CCAT exited the arms trade and started anew as a restaurant.


CCAT and Koko's Squad are familiar with each other and tend to run into each other unexpectedly, usually when Curry and Koko Hekmatyar's interests overlap. However they are not competitors as they focus on delivering different types of weapons and normally get along.


Pulsar Arc[]

CCAT appeared in a certain Eastern European country south of Russia to sell some FIM-92 Stingers to Pollack, who was engaged in a fight to control a local oil pipeline with the Russians, running into Koko's Squad. They stayed out of the face off that ensued when Koko refused Pollack's request for a new radar, which Curry had suggested that she would be able to procure thanks to her position in HCLI. Nonetheless they were assigned a pair of escorts when they left the next day. However when they later stopped Mildo, unable to contain her frustration with the escorts, attacked and killed one of them and Lu had to kill the second one to save Curry. CCAT was forced to flee and sought refuge in an abandoned factory where they were later found by Koko's Squad.

After Mildo and Valmet determined that Pollack's men were closing in on their position, Koko offered to clear the way for CCAT. However she instead ordered her squad to unload their magazines and informed the soldiers that CCAT was inside the factory. Seeking revenge for their fallen comrades, the soldiers allowed Koko's Squad to escape and engaged CCAT, but they were able to fight their way out and safely made it to the airport the following day without sustaining any injuries.

African Golden Butterflies Arc[]

Koko later unexpectedly ran into CCAT at DIESA in South Africa. Despite what had happened earlier she briefly talked with Curry, who told her that he planned to withdraw from East and South Africa. He then abruptly left, as did the other nearby arms dealers, upon the arrival of Chan Guoming.

New World Arc[]

CCAT had dinner with Minami Amada in South Africa, where Curry talked to her about the future of mid-tier arms dealers like himself. Minami revealed that things had changed dramatically since Curry had entered the business and that arms dealers like him who specialised in small arms were finding it harder and harder to conduct business, putting his fate in arms dealing in jeopardy. Curry did not disagree with her analysis but refused to admit to Koko that he was quitting. When Minami suggested that he open a restaurant, Lu volunteered to learn how to cook and Mildo also threw in her support.

Century of Shame Arc[]

Two years later CCAT was setting up a new restaurant when they felt a wind of change blow by.