Chapter 50
Chapter 50 title page
Volume: 9
Story arc Pazuzu Arc
Episode Episode 19
Total pages 17
Released 2010
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Pazuzu phase.1 is the 50th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Pazuzu Arc.

During the Gulf War in 1991, a young Wiley is handpicked by Lehm to join his Delta Force squad on a mission to destroy an Iraqi chemical weapons plant.

Title pageEdit

Wiley with his squad on patrol during the Gulf War in Kuwait.


As an A-10 flies overhead, Wiley and his patrol comment on its ability to destroy tanks compared to their own as combat engineers. Back at their base Wiley hears someone calling for him. This turns out to be Captain Lehmbrick with Delta Force, who tells him after being asked that he will help destroy a chemical weapons plant. Located in the mountains to the north, it needs to be destroyed within 40 hours and they will fly into Turkey and enter from that side. Furthermore, they lack intelligence on the plant's interior but need it to be destroyed with a minimum of explosives. Lehm brushes off Wiley's concerns by expressing his confidence in him and he is introduced to the rest of the team, Arkin and Howe, by Eckhart, better known as Echo. Wiley finds the team relaxed and easygoing and after arriving at the airfield he is asked about his nickname, Wile E. Coyote. On board a C-130, Lehm hands Wiley the only piece of intelligence they have of the plant, an aerial satellite photo. He starts to plan its demolition as Echo reassures him that they will handle the guards and that security will be lax, as most of the Iraqi troops are in the south.

After arriving in Turkey at night, the Delta operators learn that Wiley comes from a family of architects, but he on the other hand ended up doing demolitions for the U.S. Army. The group boards a UH-60 Black Hawk which delivers them to a mountainside overlooking the plant. Lehm hands Wiley a biohazard suit and the group prepares to advance on the factory. He notices that the operators' attitude has suddenly changed as they have become very serious and focused.

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Anime and manga differencesEdit

  • The episode adds additional scenes of the Gulf War such as a destroyed Iraqi tank, a smart bomb hitting a target, and Baghdad during an air raid. A pair of A-10s are shown flying over the base when Lehm briefs Wiley and he does not mention that they will be flying to Turkey.
  • Wiley and the operators are not shown arriving at the air field where the C-130 is. Wiley's reaction to learning that the photo is the only intelligence they have is much more dramatic.
  • The Black Hawk is shown departing and Lehm does not hand Wiley a biohazard suit. The operators are shown standing side by side.

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