Chapter 57
Chapter 57 title page
Volume: 10
Story arc New World Arc
Episode Episode 21
Total pages 17
Released 2011
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New World phase.4 is the 57th chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the New World Arc.

Jormungand begins to move in a new direction as Koko's Squad abducts the physicist Elena Baburin.

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A MH-6 Little Bird carrying part of Koko's Squad.


At night in the middle of a storm, two MH-6 Little Birds carrying Koko's Squad fly over the Republic J countryside. Near the Caspian Sea, they attack a small convoy carrying Elena Baburin and eliminate the guards. Elena is unharmed and taken away. George Black gets word of the abduction while having dinner at CIA headquarters, learning that Elena was previously abducted a few years ago and confined in a military research facility in Republic J. The Little Birds fly to a cargo ship where the squad and Elena are greeted by Koko Hekmatyar.

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Anime and manga differencesEdit

  • Elena is riding a newer model Mercedes-Benz of a different colour. She is told to keep her head down by one of the soldiers in the front.
  • George's phone has information on Elena pulled up including her name in Russian.
  • Elena is shown looking at Jonah on the ride to the cargo ship, which is not blacked out. She is shown stepping off the Little Bird.

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