Chapter 59
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Volume: 10
Story arc New World Arc
Episode Episode 21
Total pages 17
Released 2011
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New World phase.6 is the 59th chapter of the manga and the sixth chapter of the New World Arc.

After arriving at Dulles International Airport, Koko's Squad encounters Yosuke Hinoki and George Black, and Koko Hekmatyar meets with both of them.

Title pageEdit

Koko Hekmatyar


At Dulles International Airport, Yosuke Hinoki thinks about the recent movements of Koko's Squad across the world and wonders what they are up to. They arrive and Koko immediately sees him and agrees to a meeting. At a fast food restaurant at the airport they run into George Black, who anticipated that they might go there. Koko tells her squad that lunch will be on George, who invites Yosuke to join in.

As they eat, George suggests to Yosuke that he stop dealing with the NSA and return to the Bahamas. The latter laughs it off and replies that he has been asked how to handle Hek-GG and will be returning home. When asked, he reveals that they do not know how to handle it and George adds that he is glad that the NSA is running around in circles. He then states that Koko is the one in need of observation. She asks not to be watched and George counters that HCLI has lately been irritating the military and that his operation will protect her. Koko's face briefly becomes clouded before asking why he makes it sound like a conspiracy. George answers that people like Koko keep people like him busy and discloses that he is aware of Koko's movements. After stating that both of them crossed a line a while ago, he warns Koko not to lose support by crossing a second line, the "collapse of order" and tells her not to create an enclave. Koko asks Jonah if he finds George hard to understand and after he agrees, wonders what George is protecting and what is order. She adds that hypothetically if a new world order comes along, George will not be part of the celebration as he is a crook who has turned on his countrymen by telling them that the status quo is best for them and needs to be protected, while anyone who threatens it is an enemy. George replies that he would like to see this new world but Koko counters that she was speaking hypothetically.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

  • More of Dulles is shown and the arrangement of the squad around Koko when they arrive is different.
  • George has already consumed several burgers when the others arrive. Yosuke keeps his jacket on during the meal. George gestures with a burger when he mentions watching Koko.
  • Jonah's reaction is shown after Koko's final statement.

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