03 190 Commander
The commander at the end of Volume 3.
Status Deceased
Origin Certain West Asian country
Affiliations Certain West Asian country's army
Occupation Army officer
Manga debut Chapter 12

The unnamed commander (司令 shirei?) was the officer commanding a military base in a certain West Asian country where Jonah launched his rebellion and eventually met Kasper Hekmatyar. He only appears in the manga.


The commander was a fair skinned man with short black hair and stubble on his chin. He wore a camouflage uniform.


The commander was a compassionate man concerned about the welfare of the four orphans who were being housed at the base. Despite the danger to himself, he was more concerned with securing the safety of Malka and Maurice first while they were in the minefield


A veteran soldier, the commander was described by his top subordinate, the unnamed deputy commander, as having "a few loose screws". He did not fully trust the deputy, who also disagreed with his decision to host and care for four local orphans and secretly worked with Yusuf Gasud without his knowledge. The commander was not present when Yusuf was found in a nearby minefield while attempting an arms delivery and brought to meet with the deputy commander. While overseeing the clearance of the minefield, the commander and his men found Yusuf's truck carrying arms and killed his guards. They discovered that the arms were American and the commander realised that whoever they belonged to would return for them. He ordered his men to hide their tank and wait.

03 23 Commander's death

The commander's death in Chapter 12.

The deputy commander and Yusuf eventually returned to retrieve the arms bringing along Malka and Maurice. Yusuf forced Malka to clear any mines by pointing a gun at Maurice's head. The commander saw this and immediately broke cover, yelling for them to stop. Although his men had a clear shot, he ordered them not to fire as a body would set off any nearby mines and endanger the children. He then realised that his deputy was turning against him but despite this wanted the children to be taken to safety first. Yusuf, angered that his guards had been killed, then inadvertently set off a bounding mine which detonated in the air, killing the commander with its shrapnel. His death was explained as the result of a demining accident and later led to confusion during Jonah's subsequent rebellion at the base.


  • The commander and the four orphans are the closing characters of Volume 3.
  • He placed 42nd in a character poll conducted by Sunday GX which ran from June through September 2012 although he and Nazal received the same number of votes (17).[1]