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Cutthroat patch.jpg
The Cutthroat unit patch.
Type Paramilitaries
Origin United States
Affiliations CIA
Leader Hex
Manga debut Chapter 39
Anime debut Episode 14

Cutthroat (カットスロート Kattosurōto?) was a team of ten American paramilitaries recruited and led by Hex. The unit was formed specifically for the purpose of exacting Hex's revenge on Koko Hekmatyar without George Black's knowledge and was a darker CIA counterpart of Koko's Squad. Cutthroat was decimated when they went up against the squad in Prague and the last surviving members were killed along with Hex in Iraq.


The members of Cutthroat were all former military or PMCs and had seen combat in Iraq or Afghanistan. They had either been discharged or released from service before they were recruited by Hex. The group also included two paramilitaries who were working with Hex at the time as her bodyguards.


Dance with Undershaft Arc[]

Hex gathered her squad together at the black site in a certain Eastern European country where she was based. Here they personally executed 11 suspected terrorists, after which Hex vowed to give her men's live meaning again by leading them back into combat. She then had them fire their guns in the air, which Cutthroat eagerly did. The group then set off on their mission to take out Jonah in Prague, which George Black had authorised Hex to do.

They arrived in the city before Koko's Squad and prepared an ambush.


  • In the Anime, the names of some of the members of Cutthroat are taken from characters from the TV Series 24 (Bauer and Stiles) and actors from the Movie Die Hard (Rickman as in Alan Rickman and Godunov as in Alexander Godunov).