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Chan in battle in a flashback in Episode 11.

Dual wield is holding a tool or weapon in each hand. Chan Guoming and Karen Low specialised in the dual wield as a fighting style.

Chan Guoming[]

Chan Guoming specialised in close quarters combat with dual CZ 52s that had been modified to accommodate fixed bayonets. He developed a unique fighting style which involved rushing in among his opponents and using his superior speed to dispatch them with both bullets or bayonets. After he was crippled by a land mine in 2001, he was forced to rely on a cane but was still able to fight with both pistols while standing still.

Karen Low[]

Karen drawing her GSRs in Episode 6.

Karen Low's fighting style emulated Chan's and she used a pair of SIG Sauer GSRs that accommodated bayonets that could fit on the Picatinny rail. She could thus use her pistols with or without the bayonets. She used a customised combat rig which held the bayonets and spare magazines. However after she lost to Valmet in South Africa she stopped using the dual wield and since then only armed herself with a single pistol.


Mildo is a knife specialist and can fight with a pair of machetes. Despite matching up against Valmet, who opted to use only one knife against her, she lost, in part due to being weighed down by carrying too many knives.


Valmet can wield either two knives at once or a knife and pistol. Her standard knife is a USN MK3 Mod 0. During her training to develop her close combat skills she unconsciously emulated Chan's fighting style, developing the ability to close on her opponents quickly and take them out with a knife. When she fought Mildo she only used one knife and was able to defeat her thanks to her speed. She used a knife and pistol when she fought Karen in South Africa and two knives when she attacked the Tashinhai Consu natural gas processing plant, but used just her standard knife against Chan, which she left embedded in his desk after killing him.