Elena Baburin
S2 21 Elena
Elena Baburin in Episode 21.
Nicknames Babu
Status Alive
Affiliations Märchen
Republic J (former)
Occupation Physicist
Manga debut Chapter 57
Anime debut Episode 21
Japanese voice Rena Ueda
English voice Kristi Kang

Elena Baburin (エレナ·バブーリン Erena Babūrin?) (Russian: Елена Бабурина) is a physicist specialising in quantum optics. She was kidnapped by Koko Hekmatyar to assist Minami Amada with Jormungand.


Elena is a fair-skinned woman with light coloured, short hair. She had fair coloured eyes and freckles. In the anime, she is a light blonde and has light blue eyes. She usually wears lab coats.


Despite the circumstances under which she came to work with Minami Amada and Leyla Ibrahim Faiza, the three get along with each other and call Elena "Babu" (バブーちゃん Babū-chan?).



Elena was abducted a few years before and held in a Republic J military research facility.


New World ArcEdit

S2 21 Elena meets Koko

Elena meets Koko in Episode 21.

Despite Elena's confinement, Koko's Squad obtained intelligence that she would be transported by convoy and moved to abduct her. Deploying via helicopter, the convoy was attacked and the escort killed. Unscathed, Elena was flown to a cargo ship where she came face to face with Koko Hekmatyar. She was then taken to South Africa, where she apparently settled into her new role assisting Minami Amada, as evidenced by her relaxed demeanor with Minami and Karen Low in the outdoor onsen when the CIA used a Global Hawk to spy on the second Märchen factory.[1] She later determined that Link 16 was being used by Night Nine to communicate with Torrey Plame after their GPS was jammed during the squad's abduction of Leyla.[2]

Warmonger ArcEdit

Minami, Elena, and Leyla watched the launch of the rocket carrying the second quantum computer from the roof of the second Märchen factory via live feed on a laptop. Elena joined in when Minami teased Leyla about shedding tears of joy that her redesign of the quantum computer had succeeded.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

S2 21 Elena dossier

Elena's dossier.

  • In the anime, a dossier on her that is pulled up by George Black shows that she has the patronym Andreyevna (Russian: Андреевна) and includes more background on how she is a leader in her field. She is also shown looking at Jonah during the flight back and getting off the Little Bird before coming face to face with Koko.[3]
  • The anime censors Elena's nudity while she is in the onsen and also changes her posture, as she is reclining with her eyes closed. In the manga, she is sitting up and talking to Minami.


  • Elena placed 36th in a character poll conducted by Sunday GX which ran from June through September 2012.[4]