Finnish Rapid Deployment Force
S1 11 FRDF
Valmet saluting her men in Episode 11.
Type Combined arms force engaged in international peacekeeping
Based in Finland
Affiliations Finnish Defence Forces
United Nations Country D Expeditionary Force (former)
Notable members Valmet
Manga debut Chapter 17
Anime debut Episode 6

The Finnish Rapid Deployment Force (フィンランド緊急展開部隊 Finrando Kinkyū Tenkai Butai?) (FRDF) is the spearhead international force of the Finnish Defence Forces. Valmet previously served in it when it was a part of the United Nations Country D Expeditionary Force.


The Velmer family's tradition of serving in the Finnish military drove Valmet to carry on the role. She rose to the rank of major and had command of one of the FRDF mechanized jäger companies when it was deployed to Country D as part of the United Nations Country D Expeditionary Force. Part of the area that the FRDF was responsible for contained a natural gas field, which the Tashinhai Consu was interested in. Chan Guoming single-handedly attacked and decimated a patrol led by Valmet when it passed through the area. She lost her right eye but survived by concealing herself under the corpses until a backup unit arrived and Chan departed. Valmet was recalled to Finland and had to face an official inquiry, her military career essentially over. She was then visited by Koko Hekmatyar, who offered her a second chance, the "key to the world", and the opportunity to someday redeem herself.[1] Valmet accepted the offer and since committed to training herself as a soldier and finding Chan.