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HCLI logo.jpg
Alternate names H&C logistic incorporated
Type Global shipping and logistics company
Affiliations Märchen
Leader Floyd Hekmatyar
Notable members Kasper Hekmatyar
Koko Hekmatyar
Manga debut Chapter 11
Anime debut Episode 1

H&C logistic incorporated (HCLI) is a multinational corporation involved with shipping, logistics, and the arms trade. It is led by Floyd Hekmatyar and his two children, Kasper and Koko, are both heavily involved in its day to day operations. Koko is typically shown communicating with headquarters for instructions or status updates. Because of its logistical capabilities, HCLI is able to track anyone around the world via satellite.


The history of HCLI has not been revealed. However due to the nature of Floyd Hekmatyar's position, both Kasper and Koko were born at sea on cargo ships and have had multiple passports from a young age.[1][2]


Asian Logistics Division[]

Kasper is a member of this division and has operated in a certain West Asian country, Indonesia, and Japan.

Euro Hekmat B[]

Euro Hekmat B (ユーロ・ヘクマトーB?) is a shell corporation formed by Koko to launch a takeover bid of the EAE Corporation as part of her strategy to counter Amalia Torohovsky's attempt to block her out of a UAV deal involving Country B. The maneuver caught both EAE and Amalia by surprise, with the latter learning of its existence only after she was informed by a distressed Nassos. After meeting with Koko and reaching a mutual understanding, Amalia convinced her to directly sell her some of the EAE stock at a 5% premium.

Europe/Africa Weapons Transport Division[]

Koko is a member of this division. As its name indicates, she operates in Europe and Africa and parts of the Middle East, although Iraq is outside her territory.[3] For arms deliveries by sea she has used various cargo ships, including the Ukrainian registered freighter Atlas.


The Hekmaterial Aerospace Sea Launch Division is responsible for launching naval rockets carrying the satellites which form the backbone of the Hek-GG system from sea platforms. HEAS-SL makes an early appearance in the anime when Koko and her squad along with Minami Amada are shown watching one of the rockets launch.[4]