S2 20 Kasper discusses Hek-GG

Kasper Hekmatyar advertising Hek-GG in Episode 20

The Hekmaterial Global Grid or Hek-GG is a comprehensive command and logistics package provided by HCLI. It includes the company's global ocean container transport network and 126 satellite GPS system. Hek-GG marketed it as an information network that could intercept and redirect any digital information sent over the Internet to control mass media, military intelligence, and logistics. Involved in arms trading, Kasper Hekmatyar advertised the service of Hek-GG to countries for its intelligence and media dominance. Koko Hekmatyar however, intended to use Hek-GG to help realise Jormungand and create the "New World" that she and Minami Amada sought to create.

Operation Undershaft was started by George Black as a plan to gain access to the Hek-GG as the CIA knew it by bringing Koko Hekmatyar under CIA control. Black effectively aborted the operation after discovering its true purpose that Koko knew he supported.