Hiro Kisaragi
S2 21 Hiro
Hiro Kisaragi in Episode 21.
Status Alive
Origin Japan
Affiliations Kisaragi Photochemical Engineering
Relatives Unnamed father
Manga debut Chapter 58
Anime debut Episode 21

Hiro Kisaragi (如月ヒロ Kisaragi Hiro?) is the son of the founder of Kisaragi Photochemical Engineering and is also involved with the business.


Hiro is a young main with fair skin and dark hair. He is given a more medium complexion in the anime and has dark brown hair and eyes. At firs he wore a cleanroom suit while working in a lab, changing into a business suit for his meeting with Koko Hekmatyar.


He is closely involved with the business side of Kisaragi Photochemical Engineering as the son of its founder and is also involved with its manufacturing, suggesting that he has an engineering background.


New World ArcEdit

On the day that Koko's Squad arrived at Kansai International Airport, Hiro was working in a lab at Kisaragi Photochemical Engineering when a call for him came in. Before he stepped out one of his coworkers asked him to get some ice cream.

S2 21 Hiro meets with Koko

Hiro meets with Koko in Episode 21.

He later met with Koko Hekmatyar in a hotel lobby, complimenting her on her fluency in Japanese. During the meeting Koko asked Hiro to issue a private equity placement in the form of 10 million new shares to her, making her the majority stockholder. He was excited to hear this as it would enable them to move ahead with their project. When he pointed out that the other shareholders might not like this, Koko countered that Kisaragi's share prices would not rise with the current situation. She told Hiro to accept her investment, continue the project, and make financial changes. She affirmed her belief in the future of what he and his father had created, quantum dot photonic crystal nano devices. Koko advised Hiro to do whatever it took to get the project going, which he agreed to, and she added that she already had a buyer lined up.