S2 21 Hopkins
Hopkins in Episode 21.
Status Alive
Origin United States
Affiliations CIA
Occupation Analyst
Manga debut Chapter 49
Anime debut Episode 13

Hopkins (ホプキンス Hopukinsu?) is a CIA analyst.


A fair skinned man with light green coloured eyes and combed back fair, blonde hair. Hopkins wears glasses and dresses in suits.


Serpent Looking Up to the HeavensEdit

Hopkins and other CIA personnel including George Black watched the launch of the final Hek-GG rocket at a conference room. He commented when the rocket launched.

New World ArcEdit

He was present at a briefing prior to George's meeting with Koko Hekmatyar at Dulles International Airport. Here he pointed out that her recent actions, including funding four specialised companies in Asia and abducting Elena Baburin, suggested that she was building a quantum computer. George thought this was science fiction but Hopkins pointed out that world now could be considered science fiction and was asked to get the files on the computer. One of the other chiefs objected on the grounds that it was 20 years too early for a next generation computer. Hopkins however theorised that it was nearly complete given Koko and Minami Amada's actions, which suggested that things were at the stage where they no longer needed to operate secretly. When asked what would be possible if a quantum computer were real, he replied that it would be able to calculate in a few dozen seconds what would take several super computers several thousand years. All forms of security would be rendered meaningless and any type of electronic information would be readily accessible.

S2 21 Hopkins at briefing

Hopkins and another analyst react to George's revelation that Leyla is at Camp No in Episode 21.

After George returned from his meeting with Koko he revealed to the rest of his team that Leyla Ibrahim Faiza was being held at Camp No in Cuba. Hopkins was surprised when George offered to show them live proof via video feed and to actually see Leyla. He and the other men were pleasantly surprised when George used a Global Hawk to spy on the Märchen factory and discovered that Minami, Elena, and Karen Low were in the outdoor onsen.[1]

Anime and manga differencesEdit

In the anime he doesn't comment on the rocket launch.[2]