S2 15 Iko
Iko in Episode 15.
Status Deceased
Origin United States
Affiliations CIA
Occupation CIA paramilitary
Weapons M4
Manga debut Chapter 39
Anime debut Episode 14

Iko (イコ Iko?) was a member of Cutthroat.


Iko was a fair skinned man with light fair hair that is slightly spiky towards the back. His hair is dark blond in the anime. A distinctive feature he had was all sharp teeth. He wore a light coloured collared shirt and dark pants and was equipped with a headset, gloves, and tactical vest.


Like his fellow members of Cutthroat, Iko had either been with the military or a PMC and had seen combat in Iraq or Afghanistan. He had been discharged or released from service before joining the CIA as a paramilitary and being recruited by Hex for Cutthroat.


Dance with Undershaft ArcEdit

Hex gathered Cuthroat together at the black site in a certain Eastern European country where she was based. Here they personally executed 11 suspected terrorists, after which Hex vowed to give her men's live meaning again by leading them back into combat. She then had them fire their guns in the air, which Cutthroat eagerly did. The group then set off on their mission to take out Jonah in Prague.

S2 15 Iko's death

Iko's death.

After Jonah killed Botz, Iko pulled up in a van. When the second paramilitary backing up Botz drew his pistol, Jonah shot him but was distracted when Hex and her men shot the police who had confronted them. R spotted Iko and fired at him, allowing Jonah and Koko Hekmatyar to reach cover. Iko gave the other paramilitary a gun and they kept Jonah, Koko and R pinned down. After R took out the paramilitary, Iko laughed at his death. He was able to hit R in the leg when he was forced to carry Jonah, but was subsequently killed when R returned fire. Hex's Sniper A reported Iko's death and demanded instructions.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

  • He uses plastic magazines in the manga.
  • Iko's death in the anime is more graphic and is shown from a different angle.


  • Iko placed 50th in a character poll conducted by Sunday GX which ran from June through September 2012.[1]
  • When first shown behind the van he is missing his gloves.[2]