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The flag of Japan

Japan (日本 Nippon?) is an island nation in East Asia. It indirectly becomes involved with HCLI through the activities of its covert intelligence unit, the SR Unit, of which Tojo is a former member. As part of the deal that he made with Jonah in return for becoming Koko Hekmatyar's bodyguard, her brother Kasper sent the base orphans to an international boarding school in Japan.

Defense Intelligence Headquarters[]

The DIH is Japan's signal intelligence agency under the Ministry of Defense. It exchanges intelligance with the American intelligence agenciers in close cooperation.

Joint Staff 2nd Division Special Research Unit[]

Main article: SR Unit

The SR Unit was created after a request of the American Defense Intelligence Agency during the Cold War. The covert unit would be deployed in Vietnam to gather intelligence where "no American could go" and an operation in Cuba. After Japanese intelligence reorganized into the DIH, the SR Unit became fully autonomous and "forgotten." The Unit would fall after all of its members where killed by HCLI except Tojo and Yosuke Hinoki.