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"Despite having devoured the five continents and slurping the three oceans dry, the sky alone remains out of reach for this body of mine that lacks wings, hands, and feet. I am the World Serpent. I am Jormungand."

Jörmungandr, the World Serpent

"Jormungand" (ヨルムンガンド Yorumungando?), previously known informally as "the plan" (計画 Keikaku?), is a secret project and dream between Koko Hekmatyar and Minami Amada, and a key plot point to the former's motives throughout the Jormungand series. The project involves the use of the Hek-GG network of 126 satellites and two quantum computers: one at the second Märchen "factory " in South Africa and the second launched into space as the final satellite. Its purpose was to end war and arms trade by closing off the skies for all air travel. If humanity was not completely discouraged from war, Jormungand would be adapted to denying sea and land travel as well.

The quantum computers utilized can run processes at the atomic level quicker than the fastest supercomputer, granting them the ability to crack encryptions faster than any other computer system can respond or adapt to. As such, a system hacked by Jormungand cannot easily detect having been hacked by it until it is too late. How Jormungand could enforce aerial denial is unknown.

Minami Amada estimates that approximately 700,000 people (the number traveling by air at any one time) will die as an immediate effect of Jormungand's activation. She and Koko view these casualties as a "necessary sacrifice" to end war and achieve world peace. However this willingness to sacrifice so many people initially upset Jonah so much that he left Koko's service for two years.