Jose Machado
S2 18 Yosuke dossier
Yosuke Hinoki's dossier mentioning Jose Machado in Episode 18.
Status Deceased
Origin Cuba
Affiliations Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces
Occupation Military officer
Manga debut Chapter 48 (mentioned)
Anime debut Episode 18 (mentioned)

Jose Machado was a Cuban military officer who was assassinated by the SR Unit. In the manga the officer was never named but was given a name in the anime.


Yosuke Hinoki, Tojo, and Kurosaka were involved in a black operation that targeted an unnamed military officer in Cuba several years before the start of the series. Cuban dissidents assisted with the operation but were betrayed to keep the SR Unit's involvement secret, which Tojo vehemently disagreed with. After he was forced onto a waiting boat by Kurosaka he questioned the unit's purpose and afterwards resigned after they returned to Jakarta.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

In the anime, Tojo recalled his involvement in the operation when he visited the Bahamas with Koko Hekmatyar to search for Yosuke. A dossier on Yosuke was then shown mentioning that he was suspected of being involved with the asassination of Jose Machado and that Machado was with either the Dirección de Contra-Inteligencia Militar or the Dirección de Inteligencia. The assassination was mentioned to have occurred in December 2008.[1]


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