Korwit Nualkhair
S2 16 Korwit
Korwit Nualkhair in Episode 16.
Status Deceased
Origin Unspecified Southeast Asian country
Indonesia (anime)
Relatives Nualkhair (father)
Manga debut Chapter 43 (mentioned)
Anime debut Episode 16

Korwit Nualkhair (コーウイッ・ヌアンケー Kōuitsu Nuankē?) was the son of Colonel Nualkhair. He was only mentioned in the manga but appeared in the anime.


In the anime Korwit has a medium complexion with short, dark brown hair. He wore a short sleeved shirt and long pants with sandals.


Castle of Lies ArcEdit

After Kasper Hekmatyar had trouble with some negotiations in Southeast Asia, he had his bodyguards assassinate Korwit to send a message to Ganville Trading, which had been trying to block HCLI's expansion. However Nualkhair's connection to Ganville was not specified. Led by Chiquita, the bodyguards carried out the hit on Korwit while he was at his family's vacation home in the midst of a typhoon, setting it up to appear as a robbery. As they carried it out, Kasper called Koko to inform her that the operation was underway. Kurosaka later reported Korwit's death to the rest of the SR Unit and Yosuke Hinoki confirmed to them that Kasper was behind it.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

S2 16 Korwit's death

Korwit shot dead in Episode 16.

Korwit was only mentioned in the manga but given a much larger role in the anime and his nationality was changed to being Indonesian. After his father Colonel Nualkhair, a long-standing customer of Kasper's, refused to meet with him, he decided to strike back by having his son assassinated. Korwit was vacationing with three friends and drinking with an unnamed one of them while the other two, Agus and Tris, had sex in one of the rooms. When the power was cut, the friend Korwit was drinking with was shot when he went to search for a flashlight before Korwit himself was shot by Chiquita. The bodyguards then set up the house to appear to have been burglarised. Kurosaka later met with an informant in a Jakarta park and learned about the deaths, with the official story being that they had occurred during a robbery.