S2 14 Lauren
Lauren in Episode 4.
Status Deceased
Origin United States
Affiliations CIA
Occupation CIA paramilitary
Weapons FN SCAR-L (anime)
Manga debut Chapter 38
Anime debut Episode 14

Lauren (ローレン Rōren?) was a CIA paramilitary under Hex's command.


Lauren was a fair-skinned woman whose face was not shown due to the gear she was wearing. This consisted of ballistic eye wear, a mesh patterned shemagh, camouflaged tactical vest, gloves, and a dark long-sleeved top and medium coloured pants. In the anime, this is changed to a black balaclava and dark khaki tactical vest.


About two years before the main story Hex and her team of paramilitaries pursued Koko Hekmatyar through the woods of Eastern Europe. They were pinned down by a sniper and Hex called for a smoke grenade to be deployed. Lauren, who was positioned behind her, complied but as she pulled the pin the grenade was hit with a bullet that smashed through her fingers. A second bullet then hit her in the head. As she fell the smoke grenade activated.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

  • In the anime she is shown to be armed with a FN SCAR-L. The depiction of the bullet piercing the grenade and her fingers is less graphic and she falls backward.