Leyla Ibrahim Faiza
S2 22 Leila
Leyla Ibrahim Faiza in Episode 22.
Nicknames Big Mouth Rabbit Foot
Status Alive
Affiliations Märchen
Information Revolution Network (former)
NORDITA (former)
Occupation Physicist
Political activist
Manga debut Chapter 60
Anime debut Episode 21
Japanese voice Aki Kanada
English voice Martha Harms

Leyla Ibrahim Faiza (レイラ・イブラヒム・ファーイザ Reira Iburahimu Fāiza?) is an Egyptian quantum physicist whose abilities as a hacker and leaker of classified information have earned her a reputation as a second Julian Assange. She was kidnapped from CIA custody by Koko Hekmatyar to assist Minami Amada and Elena Baburin with Jormungand.


Leyla is a dark-skinned woman with black hair normally worn in a ponytail with her fringe falling to the left over her forehead. She wears hexagonal-framed glasses and usually wears a lab coat over collared shirts and pants.


Leyla is a genius at hacking. She earned the nickname, Rabbitfoot because of the fact that she leaves no traces while hacking. Minami Amada describes her as smart but empty. Minami's thoughts on her being empty may stem from Leyla's reserved yet eccentric personality.


Despite the circumstances under which she came to work with Minami Amada and Elena Baburin, the three get along with each other.



Born into a wealthy family, Leyla completed her graduate studies in theoretical physics and applied mathematics at the University of Cambridge and was involved in social activism. Her graduate thesis was "Social Reforms through Information". While a researcher at NORDITA, Leyla founded the Information Revolution Network. She threw the online world of the Middle East into chaos by hacking into and releasing a multitude of secret agreements and internal documents. Because she left no traces, she gained the moniker "Big Mouth" Rabbit Foot (おしゃべりラビット・フット Oshaberi Rabitto Futto?). The CIA was able to apprehend her and detained her at Camp No. Her identity was deliberately misreported as "Ibrahim Faiza", a 39-year-old Egyptian male, as she was being illegally held on unrelated charges. Leyla's true identity was known only by a very small handful of insiders, including George Black. During her confinement Leyla had access to a Segway, pool table, exercise equipment, and Playstation 3.[1]


New World ArcEdit

10 67 Leyla at Camp No

Leyla at Camp No in Chapter 60.

After meeting with Koko Hekmatyar at Dulles International Airport, George suspected that she would be heading to Cuba next. At a briefing with his team, he pointed out that Leyla was actually a woman following an overview of her profile by one of his analysts. To prove it, he pulled up a live feed from Camp No. Leyla was riding her Segway and had just stopped to play video games. George informed his team that she was being illegally detained on unrelated charges, highly classified information. After using a Global Hawk to spy on the second Märchen factory, his deputy commented that they were dealing with a fox, raccoon, and rabbit, referring respectively to Koko, Minami Amada, and Leyla.

Warmonger ArcEdit

New World ArcEdit

Anime and manga differencesEdit


S2 21 Leyla at Camp No

The revised scene in Episode 21.

  • In the manga Leyla is shown among her amusements and exercise equipment in a game room. She is wearing a shirt with the Playstation buttons and when she decides to play games is holding a remote control and DualShock 3 controller. In the anime, her shirt design is changed to four colored circles and only an exercise ball is seen in addition to the Segway. When she decides to play games she gets off the Segway.[2]
  • The joke that George's deputy makes that they are dealing with a trio of animals in the form of Koko, Minami, and Leyla depicts the three of them as their respective animals, which was not shown.[1]


  • Leyla placed 37th in a character poll conducted by Sunday GX which ran from June through September 2012.[3]