S1 05 Malka
Malka in Episode 5.
Status Deceased
Origin Certain West Asian country
Affiliations Base orphans
Manga debut Chapter 12
Anime debut Episode 5
Japanese voice Mayu Iino

Malka (マルカ Maruka?) was a young orphan girl whose death galvanized Jonah to rebel against the deputy commander in order to kill Yusuf Gasud.


Malka had fair skin with light coloured eyes and chin-length dark hair. She wore a short sleeved medium coloured dress which had a patch on the lower right front side and sandals. She also had a dressing applied to her left cheek. In the anime she has dark yellow eyes and her hair is dark brown.


Malka was one of four orphans who were taken in by the commander. Jonah took them under his wing and acted as an older brother to them. On the same day that Yusuf Gasud arrived at the base while attempting to make an arms delivery, he shared some rations with the orphans. However when the deputy commander and Yusuf were about to leave to pick up the shipment, the former took Malka and Maurice in order to clear a path through a mine field whichYusuf's arms shipment had been left near. Jonah tried to go along as well but was beaten for insubordination and could only watch as the two were taken away.

S1 05 Malka's death

Malka's perceived death in Episode 5.

At the minefield, Yusuf threatened Maurice with his pistol to force Malka to cross the minefield by sliding her feet. Part way through the group was spotted by the commander, who along with his men had discovered Yusuf's shipment and killed his guards. After he burst from hiding in an attempt to have the two children moved to safety, Yusuf, angered that his guards had been killed, set off a bounding mine. Before it detonated he grabbed Malka and pulled her over himself as a shield. She and the commander were subsequently killed by the mine.

Malka's death shocked Jonah and he blamed himself for his inability to prevent it. He vowed to get revenge on Yusuf and the deputy commander and single-handedly wiped out the entire base. When Yusuf tried to buy his life, Jonah flatly refused and replied that he wanted Malka back. Yusuf asked what a Malka was and was shot in the head. Right after this Kasper Hekmatyar arrived with his bodyguards, with Chiquita subduing Jonah. Kasper determined what had happened and expressed some mild shock at Jonah's betrayal of his former comrades to avenge Malka, but empathised, as he had a younger sister.


Warmonger ArcEdit

After running away from Koko and being picked up by Kasper in South Africa, Jonah thought of the base orphans before asking if he could work for him.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

The commander's absence in the anime changed the circumstances of Malka's death although not the manner, and it was not shown, as Jonah imagined it based on what he learned from Maurice.[1]


  • Malka placed 45th in a character poll conducted by Sunday GX which ran from June through September 2012.[2]
  • The commander and the four orphans are the closing characters of Volume 3.