Mana Hinoki
S2 18 Mana
Mana Hinoki in Episode 18.
Status Alive
Relatives Yosuke Hinoki (father)
Unnamed mother
Manga debut Chapter 48
Anime debut Episode 18
Japanese voice Rumina Komagata
English voice Lara Woodhull

Mana Hinoki (日野木マナ Hinoki Mana?) is the daughter of Yosuke Hinoki and his Thai wife.


Mana has a medium complexion with dark coloured eyes and short dark hair secured by small bows or ties. In the anime her hair is brown-black and her eyes are a lighter brown. She wears a sleeveless light coloured dress and dark sandals.


Mana is an open, cheerful child. She immediately took a liking to Jonah when he helped her get up and bowed to both him and Koko Hekmatyar when Yosuke Hinoki called her to go.


S2 18 Mana hugs Jonah

Mana takes an instant liking to Jonah in Episode 18.

While walking along the beach with her father, Mana tripped and fell in front of Jonah, Koko Hekmatyar, and Tojo. Jonah complimented her on not crying and after replying she does not cry, Mana gave him a hug. They then built a sand castle with Koko’s help and Mana gave Jonah a goodbye hug when she and Yosuke left.


As part of Yosuke's cover story as senior executive director of Ganville Trading he supposedly had a Thai wife, which Tojo did not believe. However this turned out to be true and Mana and her mother's presence remained a secret.


S2 18 Yosuke calls Mana

Koko, Jonah, and Tojo are surprised when Mana calls Yosuke daddy in Episode 18.

Castle of Lies ArcEdit

Three days after the defeat of the SR Unit, Tojo, Koko, and Jonah traveled to the Bahamas, where they had tracked Yosuke. While walking along the beach they encountered Mana when she tripped and fell in front of them. Jonah immediately helped her up and praised her for not crying. After replying that she does not cry, Mana gave Jonah a hug, which amused Koko and she told him to play with her. They started to build a sand castle with Koko joining in after she met Yosuke. Following Tojo and Yosuke's talk the latter called Mana to go, and her calling him daddy surprised the others. She then bowed to Jonah and Koko to thank them for playing with her and gave Jonah a goodbye hug.

08 176 Yosuke watching launch

Yosuke and Mana watching the launch in Chapter 49.

Serpent Looking Up to the Heavens ArcEdit

When Yosuke received an email from the National Security Agency providing a link to a live feed of the final rocket launch of the Hek-GG system Mana was with him and also watched, prompting her mother to tell her not to bother him.

Century of Shame ArcEdit

Two years later, Mana ran by Yosuke with the family dog as he stood on the beach contemplating the sky prior to Koko's activation of Jormungand.

Anime and manga differencesEdit


  • Mana placed 30th in a character in a poll conducted by Sunday GX which ran from June through September 2012.[2]