Munmungand Vol. 2

Munmungand 2 (ムンムンガンド 2 Munmungando 2?) is the second installment of the Munmungand series.


A fighting game with Chinatsu and Valmet as the playable characters has the former use her Super Storm Kick against the latter. Valmet wonders what kind of technique this is as it is so high and slow, but gets nosebleeds, when she sees that Chinatsu is not wearing any underwear.

As a drunk Koko Hekmatyar causes havoc, putting Tojo in a chokehold, Lutz wonders who got her drunk, as she does pro wrestling finishing moves when she drinks. A buzzed R explains that whoever survives these gets to see Koko's legendary "Naked Victory Dance". As Lutz protests Koko grabs him from behind and piledrives him. She then starts to unbutton her shirt but as R starts to celebrate Valmet quickly intervenes, saying that she will take care of Koko for the rest of the night. She then hustles Koko away while thinking of the fringe benefits, to R's frustration. Jonah is then shown knocked out and balanced upside down after taking a piledriver from Koko.