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Operation Undershaft (アンダーシャフト作戦 Andāshafuto Sakusen?) refers to two different, but related operations:

The first was a covert operation sponsored by the CIA's National Clandestine Service. Its objective was to go through Koko Hekmatyar to convert HCLI's information network into an asset for military logistics. Overseen by the chief of the NCS Europe Division, George Black, Koko's Squad was infiltrated by R, one of his assets. Hex, a Paramilitary Operations Officer and also one of George's subordinates, was also involved.

After Koko learned of R's true role, she later demonstrated Jormungand's power to George by having New Dawn Front target him in North Africa, only to be saved by the United States Marine Corps. This rescue operation was also named Operation Undershaft.


The operation began after the death of one Echo, one of Koko Hekmatyar's bodyguards, who was killed while protecting her from Hex and her unit. R joined Koko's Squad as its sixth member and subsequently transmitted information covertly back to George Black. In the meantime, Hex, who was involved with anti-terrorist activities, was brought under Operation Undershaft but kept in the dark about its true objective. Her attempts to kill Koko by sending assassins after her created difficulties for the operation but because Koko was unable to determine who her killers' ultimate employer was, Hex was largely able to get away with this.


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