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Outspoken Doctors for Human Rights
S1 09 Leon rallies ODH.jpg
Leon Riviere rallies his team in Episode 9.
Alternate names ODH
Type Medical humanitarian organisation
Notable members Marguerite Mesner
Leon Riviere
Manga debut Chapter 26
Anime debut Episode 9

Outspoken Doctors for Human Rights (人権のため発言する医師団 Jinken no Tame Hatsugen Suru Ishi-Dan?) (ODH or ODHR) is a humanitarian aid non-governmental organization that works in war torn areas. Koko Hekmatyar was responsible for delivering a team of ten covertly into Autonomous Region X of Republic T, which brought her into conflict with the Balkan Dragons.


ODH is well known worldwide. Both Leon Riviere and Marguerite Mesner are veteran members and have served around the world.


Dragon Shooter Arc[]

To get into Republic T's Autonomous Region X, to which they had been denied entry by the government, ODH contracted with HCLI to be smuggled in under the guise of an aerial delivery of D-30 ammunition. Koko's Squad was assigned to make the dual delivery although unbeknownst to Koko Hekmatyar at the time, her father Floyd was responsible for setting her up to do so to fill multiple objectives. Koko agreed to transport the doctors after being briefed, although she was not happy about it.