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SR Unit
Type Covert unit
Origin Japan
Based in Jakarta, Indonesia
Affiliations Ministry of Defence
Leader Yosuke Hinoki
Notable members Tojo
Manga debut Chapter 44 (mentioned)
Anime debut Episode 16 (mentioned)

The Joint Staff 2nd Division Special Research Unit (統幕2部特別研究班 Tōbaku 2-Bu Tokubetsu Kenkyū Han?), more commonly known as the SR Unit (SR班 SR Han?), was a covert unit within the Japanese Ministry of Defence. It engaged in intelligence gathering, black operations, and was active in the arms trade under the cover of a dummy corporation named Ganville Trading (ガンビル通商 Gan Biru Tsūshō?). Yosuke Hinoki commanded the unit until it provoked a fight with Kasper Hekmatyar supported by Koko over control of the Southeast Asian route. The SR Unit was decimated and Yosuke defected, effectively ending the unit's existence. Tojo was a member of the unit until he was recruited by Kasper.


The SR Unit was created during the Cold War at the request of the United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) despite the difficulties that had previously arisen with the creation of earlier Japanese intelligence agencies. The SR Unit arose during the Vietnam War to "'gather intelligence in regions where it's difficult for Americans to infiltrate, but possible for Japanese'". Its first director based the unit in Jakarta with 50 picked members from each branch of the armed forces. Because of the SR Unit's covert nature, it could not obtain funding from official channels and had difficulties staying afloat. The workaround was an "SR Fund" line item was added to American funding for the JSDF. This led to the creation of the Ganville Trading as a dummy corporation to function as a front for arms sales.

This role continued after the Vietnam War as Ganville supplied arms to battle the Communists and fight covert wars. Arms sales grew to the point where the SR Fund was no longer necessary, at which point Yosuke Hinoki became commander of the unit. Despite the formation of the Defense Intelligence Headquarters in 1997, the SR Unit was essentially left alone as it was self-sufficient and based in Indonesia and remembered by only a handful of Diet members and staffers.

All members of the SR Unit were former JSDF personnel whose records had them officially listed as dead.


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