The Sig Pro SP 2022 is modified version of the SP 2009/2340. It entered service with the French Police, Customs, Penitentiary administration and Gendarmerie in 2002 for a planned service life of 20 years, hence the name. 460,000 rounds have been used for testing it before adoption by a sampling of future users and modifications of the SIG Pro followed to produce the 2022.

The Sig Pro series of pistols come standard with double-action/single action triggers with 10 lb. and 4.5 lb trigger pulls, respectively. The SP 2022 is available in 9×19mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG. The pistol is fitted with an integral Picatinny rail instead of the proprietary rail of the other models and the front trigger guard is shaped differently so as to allow a finger hold. It can also be equipped with a threaded barrel and detachable suppressor and the fixed open sights are dovetailed into the slide.