S2 13 Spin
Spin in Episode 13.
Status Alive
Origin United States
Affiliations CIA
Occupation CIA agent
Manga debut Chapter 37
Anime debut Episode 13
Japanese voice Manabu Sakamaki

Spin (スピン Supin?) is a CIA agent working undercover as a businessman in Budapest. He is part of Operation Undershaft and a subordinate of George Black.


A fair skinned man with close-cropped dark hair, Spin has stubble on his chin and an earring in his left ear with four in his right. He wears a dark business suit with a medium coloured shirt. In the anime he is clean-shaven.


Spin and Hex know each other although how they met was not revealed. The reputation that Hex had developed made Spin wary of her.


Unlike Hex, Spin is privy to the true nature of Operation Undershaft. His cover is as a businessman in Budapest, thus he does not have diplomatic status.


Dance with Undershaft ArcEdit

S2 13 Hex plays Spin

Hex uses her wiles to force Spin to talk.

Hex visited Spin's business in Budapest unannounced. He was surprised to see her, but ordered his two bodyguards out. After they left he learned that Hex was previously in Afghanistan, but was now in Hungary. He tried to avoid divulging any information to Hex, but his resistance crumbled when she began to seductively plead with him not to lock her out. He revealed his own fear of her due to her brutal tactics, but Hex straddled him and went right to the point, Operation Undershaft. Spin conceded that Undershaft is an arms dealer in a George Bernard Shaw play, but Hex pressed him as to who the arms dealer being targeted was. To keep him talking she stripped her top off, which loosened Spin's tongue. He revealed that the objective was to go through Koko Hekmatyar and thus convert HCLI's information network into an asset for military logistics. Koko was chosen as she is the baby of the family, with George Black in charge of the operation. Hex realised that her connection to Koko was why she was used to set up the operation and surprised Spin by laughing at the news. She confided that she would send assassins after Koko to test her, causing glitches in Operation Undershaft whenever this happened. When she vowed to kill Koko, Spin was shocked that she was willing to go against George and kicked her out, although Hex was disappointed that they did not finish. After she dressed, Spin confirmed that he did not see anybody that day and Hex warned him to keep it that way.

After Hex launched her operation targeting Jonah, Spin sent George an email informing him that she had ordered 90,000 rounds of ammunition from a Czech vendor.[1]


  • Spin's voice actor, Manabu Sakamaki, also voices Lu, Edgar, and Arkin, as well as several background characters.
  • When meeting with Hex, Spin is extremely worried about his cover being blown, because he's under Non-Official Cover: this is a term for intelligence agents with covert roles who are not officially tied to their government without diplomatic immunity, as opposed to agents like Scarecrow, who operate under Official Cover (usually as part of the Diplomatic Service) with diplomatic immunity.