S2 16 Tris
Tris shot dead in Episode 16.
Status Deceased
Origin Indonesia
Anime debut Episode 16

Tris was a friend of Korwit Nualkhair and Agus' lover who only appears in the anime.


Tris was a medium skinned woman with long, dark brown hair. She had grey-coloured eyes.


Kasper in Asia ArcEdit

In the manga, Korwit Nualkhair's assassination was not shown nor was it mentioned that other people were also killed. In the anime, Tris was vacationing at the Nualkhair family villa along with Korwit, Agus, and a fourth friend. While the typhoon was raging she and Agus retired to his room for sex while Korwit and the other friend drank. When Kasper Hekmatyar's bodyguards arrived to target Korwit, they killed him and everyone else that they found. Tris was still in the room when she was shot through the forehead, then again several times. The deaths were set up to appear to be a robbery in the midst of the typhoon.