A General Atomics MQ-1 Predator UAV armed with Hellfire missiles.

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV is a remote-operated aircraft also known as a "drone." Being unmanned, UAVs are typically smaller than manned aircraft and eliminate the possibility of pilot death. As such, UAVs are preferred over manned aircraft for reconnaissance but currently lack the technology to replace a fighter jet. Larger UAVs can still be armed with Air to Surface or Air to Air missiles to engage targets.


Mondo Grosso ArcEdit

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles were the wares that Koko Hekmatyar and Amalia Torohovsky competed to sell to European countries. Koko marketed the Predator against Amalia's Dassault nEUROn. Through a hostile takeover of the EAE Group launched by Euro Hekmat B and with help from Schokolade, Koko won the competition against Amalia.

New World ArcEdit

George Black used a Global Hawk to spy on the onsen in Märchen's second factory, catching Minami Amada, Karen Low, and Elena Baburin bathing in it. Amalia later demonstrated an unknown UAV capable of taking high definition photography to Koko that she was working on keeping the air for 24 hours a day.

During Operation Gloom Springer, a Predator was used by the NSA to direct Night Nine in their mission to recapture or kill Leyla Ibrahim Faiza along with Koko's Squad. The Predator was shot down by a Sperwer controlled by Koko, forcing the Navy Seals to switch to a hackable channel that provided coordinates to them. Jormungand was then used to mislead Night Nine and redirect them towards a Cuban military base, allowing Koko's Squad to escape with Leyla.