United Nations Country D Expeditionary Force
FRDF soldiers as part of the UNFID in Episode 11.
Type United Nations peacekeeping mission
Based in Country D
Affiliations United Nations
Finnish Rapid Deployment Force
Notable members Valmet
Manga debut Chapter 17
Anime debut Episode 6

The United Nations Country D Expeditionary Force (国連D国派遣軍 Kokuren D-Koku Haken-Gun?) (UNFID) was a United Nations peacekeeping mission in Country D several years before the start of the series. The Finnish Rapid Deployment Force, in which Valmet was then a major, is the only known unit that was a part of it.


The UNFID was deployed to Country D where it was engaged in a peacekeeping mission. Part of the area that the Finnish Rapid Deployment Force was responsible for contained a natural gas field, which the Tashinhai Consu was interested in. Chan Guoming single-handedly attacked and decimated a patrol led by Valmet when it passed through the area. She lost her right eye but survived by concealing herself under the corpses until a backup unit arrived and Chan departed. Valmet was recalled to Finland and had to face an official inquiry, her military career essentially over. The Tashinhai Consu subsequently moved into the area and constructed a natural-gas processing plant and adjacent Chinatown.


The annihilation of Valmet's patrol had a profound impact on her and ultimately swayed her decision to join Koko Hekmatyar when the latter offered her an alternative to acceding to her family's wishes and settling down. She committed herself to finding Chan, training hard and developing her skills as a formidable fighter. Chan himself never forgot the incident as his failure to kill Valmet rankled him.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

  • Valmet is shown looking at the Finnish flag and saluting her men before the incident. The drivers being checked by the FRDF were changed from being African to a single white driver.