Velmer family
S1 11 Valmet in FRDF
Valmet during her time in the FRDF in Episode 11.
Based in Finland
Affiliations Finnish Defence Forces
Notable members Valmet
Manga debut Chapter 31 (mentioned)
Anime debut Episode 11 (mentioned)

The Velmer (ヴェルマー Vueruma?) family is a prominent Finnish military family that has served Finland for at least three generations. Valmet is the only named member of this family and out of Koko's Squad is the only one to come from a military lineage.


Valmet's grandfather was a lieutenant general who fought the Soviet Union during the Winter War and Continuation War. Her father had also risen to the rank of lieutenant general and as Chief of Staff of the Defence Command, was a candidate to become Commander-in-chief (Chief of Defence) of the Finnish Defence Forces. Valmet's brother was a lieutenant colonel in the Utti Jaeger Regiment, while she herself rose to the rank of major and command of a mechanized jäger company in the Finnish Rapid Deployment Force.

She served as a member of the United Nations Country D Expeditionary Force, during which her platoon was single-handedly annihilated by Chan Guoming with herself the sole survivor. She lost an eye in that attack and was recalled to Finland to face an official inquiry. The incident ended her military career and it was in this position that Valmet was approached by a young Koko Hekmatyar, who recruited her into her squad. It is not clear whether Valmet has since kept in touch with her family.