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Voskhod 6
S101 Voskhod 6 unit patch.jpg
The Voskhod 6 unit patch in Episode 1.
Type Paramilitary unit
Origin Certain Eastern European country or Livonia
Manga debut Chapter 1
Anime debut Episode 1

The Voskhod 6 (ボスホート6 Bosuhōto 6?) is an elite paramilitary unit that falls under the command of the Ministry of Home Affairs for a certain Eastern European country or Livonia. Voskhod, means sunrise, however, the patch ACTUALLY says "voskhoya" which means "praying"


Fire Hare Arc[]

The unit was called in by the unnamed Vice Minister of Home Affairs when Koko Hekmatyar refused to back down after he held up a shipment of MiG-29 upgrades in port. When Jonah realised that they were being tailed, he opened fire on the scout cars, prompting them to shoot back. Although one car was taken out, they were able to get a van in between Koko's Volvo and Lehm and Valmet's compact SUV, separating them. This van was heavily armoured and withstood fire from Valmet's FN Minimi. Lehm was able to bring Valmet close enough to allow her to jump to the van's roof and take out its occupants when they opened the rear door to fire at Lehm.

A Javelin is fired at Koko's Volvo in Episode 1.

At the same time, a Livonian Humvee loaded with Voskhod 6 pulled up alongside Koko's Volvo and sideswiped it. She then realised who her opponent was when she saw their unit patches. When they got off the highway, one of the troopers readied an FGM-148 Javelin to fire from the Humvee's top hatch. Jonah realised what was about to happen and threw an M67 grenade which was able to divert the Javelin. After firing a burst at the gunner to keep him down, Jonah was able to shoot him in the head when he surfaced to fire a second missile, forcing the launcher to fire into the Humvee and destroy it. Following this setback, the Vice Minister ordered the remaining Voskhod 6 units and Hewlett Harbour port guards to pull back, conceding defeat.


Voskhod 6 firing at Lehm.

Voskhod 6 soldiers wear a black uniform with the unit shoulder patches in silver. They also wear black balaclavas and helmets with a multicam camouflage pattern cover. The units pursuing Koko were armed with MP5s and an FGM-148 Javelin launcher and drove a Humvee, heavily armoured van, and a pair of BMWs.

Anime and manga differences[]

  • In the anime Jonah takes out both scouts, neither getting a chance to shoot back.
  • The two Voskhod 6 in the van who are attacked by Valmet wear headsets in the manga, but not in the anime, in which they also wear helmets.[1]


  • Voskhod (Восход) means "sunrise" in Russian and the unit's name and their black uniforms are a possible reference to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, a counter-terrorist black operations unit nicknamed the "Men of Black" after their uniform colour. However, the unit patches actually have their name misspelled as "Voskhoya" (Восхоя).