S2 20 Webster
Webster in Episode 20.
Status Alive
Origin United States
Affiliations National Security Agency
Occupation Director of the National Security Agency
Manga debut Chapter 56
Anime debut Episode 20

Major General Webster (ウェブスター U~ebusutā?) is the Director of the National Security Agency.


Webster is a fair-skinned man with short, fair hair and glasses. He wears the United States Air Force uniform and appears to have three stars on his shoulder boards despite his rank, which would merit only two stars. He also wears an Aircrew Badge. In the anime Webster has medium brown hair with matching sunglasses, and has four stars. His identification badges are different and he also has 11 service stripes on his left sleeve.[1]


Yosuke Hinoki is suggested to be trusted by Webster as he was brought on as an intelligence advisor after the fall of the SR Unit.


New World ArcEdit

Webster and Yosuke watched Kasper Hekmatyar's announcement of the Hek-GG system at Fort Meade. Following its conclusion, Webster was incensed and angrily smacked some papers on his desk, declaring that they needed to show what the United States military could do. Yosuke however calmly responded that he believed that it would be better to observe for the time being as they could step in later if necessary. Webster later brought Torrey Plame in to take charge of Operation Gloom Springer and prevent the abduction of Leyla Ibrahim Faiza.[2] While being briefed by Torrey, Yosuke realised that he could no longer be involved and that the operation was not something that Webster would want to be a part of.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

In the anime, Webster knocks over a large stack of papers on his desk.


  • Webster is still referred to as a major general (少将 Shōshō?) despite wearing more stars than this rank merits, although it is the correct rank to be the director of the NSA. Viz Media translates his rank as rear admiral.
  • His wearing of service stripes is inaccurate as the US Air Force does not issue these.