S2 22 Woody
Woody in Episode 22.
Status Alive
Origin United States
Affiliations Executive Office of the President
Occupation National Security Advisor
Manga debut Chapter 62
Anime debut Episode 21

Woody (ウッディ Uddi?) is the United States National Security Advisor


Woody is an older fair-skinned man with fair hair combed back dressed in a medium coloured suit. In the anime, he has light brown hair and eyes and wears a matching brown suit.


George Black and Woody have known each other for some time and the latter considers George an "old friend".[1] George, however, was willing to use his knowledge of Woody's affair as a bargaining chip.


At some point, Woody began having an affair with an unnamed woman with red hair. George found out about this but kept his knowledge a secret from Woody.


New World ArcEdit

S2 22 George & Woody

George tells Woody that his affair will remain a secret in Episode 22.

George met Woody in Washington, D.C. at night at the National Mall across from the White House and asked him to stall the mobilization of Night Nine. Woody called Torrey Plame and claimed that the unit’s operations order had not gone through, although he was holding it in his hand. Torrey maintained that he had gone through the proper channels and vowed to confirm it. George, who was seated on the park bench behind Woody, then thanked him for the call as well as for leaking the assault, which would delay Night Nine’s deployment. When Woody asked what he would get in return, George replied that the knowledge of his affair would be kept secret, which Woody agreed to. The delay allowed Koko’s Squad to grab Leyla Ibrahim Faiza and disarm and tie up her Marine escort, who were eventually freed by Night Nine after they radioed about Leyla’s kidnapping.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

In the anime, Woody's role as the National Security Advisor is not mentioned and he is holding some papers in his hand, but it is not specified what they are. In the manga, this is shown to be Night Nine's operations order in a transparent plastic folder.