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Yosuke Hinoki
S2 21 Yosuke.jpg
Yosuke Hinoki in Episode 21.
Nicknames "Japan's one and only spymaster"
Status Alive
Origin Japan
Affiliations National Security Agency
SR Unit (former)
Ganville Trading (former)
JSDF (former)
Occupation NSA advisor
Commander of the SR Unit (former)
Senior executive director of Ganville Trading (former)
JSDF officer (former)
Relatives Unnamed wife
Mana Hinoki (daughter)
Manga debut Chapter 44 (mentioned)
Anime debut Episode 16 (mentioned)
Japanese voice Hidetoshi Nakamura

Yosuke Hinoki (日野木陽介 Hinoki Yōsuke?) is a former JSDF officer who commanded the SR Unit. Following its demise, he since became an advisor to the National Security Agency. Tojo is his former subordinate.


Yosuke is a fair-skinned man with short, dark hair, with a more medium complexion in the anime. He typically wears suits, going with more casual Aloha shirts and Capri pants when in the Bahamas.





During his tenure as JSDF officer Yosuke put together an exemplary service record.


Castle of Lies Arc[]

Serpent Looking Up to the Heavens Arc[]

When Yosuke received an email from the National Security Agency providing a link to a live feed of the final rocket launch of the Hek-GG system Mana watched the launch with him, prompting her mother to tell her not to bother him.

New World Arc[]

Century of Shame Arc[]

Two years later, Yosuke was standing on the beach and contemplating the sky when Mana and the family dog ran by him prior to Koko's activation of Jormungand.

Anime and manga differences[]


In the anime the Serpent Looking Up to the Heavens Arc was moved to occur prior to the Dance with Undershaft Arc, thus the Hinokis were not shown watching the final Hek-GG rocket launch.[1]